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Aerial Photography

Capture the best of your next project from the air.

Serving Chattanooga, Tennessee and Ringgold and Dalton, Georgia

Showcase Your Project

From a Different Perspective

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Aerial photography showcases your projects from a fresh new perspective.
The cost of hiring a drone to photograph your project can usually be done under $100. ($90 for a set of 20 edited photos).

We can also capture your project with 4k video footage. Edited clips are generally $40 per 30 seconds. Raw clips are $30 per 30 seconds.

Milage charged when projects are more than 30 miles from base.

The Benefits of Aerial photography

Your business can benefit from aerial photography just simply by showcasing it from a different perspective. Or if you need to view your crops, construction site, property, or buildings from the air, we can give you a bird’s-eye-view to help you make better choices.

SkillCourse Productions is in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by operating registered drones and maintaining FAA Certification for Commercial Operators of unmanned aircrafts. (Part 107).

What does your roof look like?

We can take detailed photos of your roof, gutters included, for under $75 for an average size home.

*We take photos only. We do not inspect or make recommendations.

Selling Your Property?

We can supply you with a set of photos from the air for as little as $60.

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