Writing Effective Sentences

About the Course

This course will help you master English sentences. You will learn about and practice writing:

  • Simple Sentences

  • Compound Sentences

  • Complex Sentences

You will also learn how to avoid common errors:

  • Sentence Fragments

  • Run-on Sentences

  • Comma Splices

Lessons are easy to follow. They include video explanations, reading passages, interactive quizzes, and teacher feedback.

Successful writers use a variety of sentences to make essays interesting and effective. If a writer uses too many simple sentences, the passage is often difficult to read. On the other hand, if a writer uses too many complex sentences, the passage becomes difficult to understand.  A balance of simple, compound and complex sentences not only make an essay more readable, but also adds depth and meaning.



Skills taught in this course enable students to succeed in university-level coursework. They learn academic research and to express their ideas clearly.



Simple Sentences

Compound Sentences

Complex Sentences

The Paragraph

Avoiding Common Errors

Certification Quiz