Tips for Being on Camera

  1. What to wear
    • Solid pastels colors are preferred.
    • Avoid whites, reds, and blacks; grey is okay.
    • Avoid wearing glasses.
    • Avoid close patterns or prints as these don’t look good on camera.
    • Avoid wearing jewelry that shines or makes noise, badges or name tags.
    • Modest clothing that does not distract.
    • Use a little powder on forehead and face to reduce shine.
    • Wear hair back and not over face if possible.
    • Wear light makeup if needed to avoid looking flat.
  2. How to act and speak
    • Speak slowly and distinct with life. But don’t over do it.
    • Be natural; be yourself.
    • Repeat the question in your answer.  Example: What did you have for breakfast? “I had pancakes for breakfast.” Not “pancakes.”
    • Smile and relax your shoulders!
  3. How to prepare
    • Take some time and think about the questions.
    • Be familiar with your answers, but don’t memories.
    • In the interview, be spontaneous and genuine.

Release Forms

Before your interview, you will need to download and fill out the forms below. Then bring them to your interview.

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